My name is Danielle. Most call me Dani Pete. I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness mentor/lifestyle coach , and a health, fitness, and travel blogger.

I believe that exercise and nutrition should enrich your life, not take away from it.  I believe in creating life-long sustainable habits, making it easy for you to eat well, move your body and feel amazing. I believe in mental positivity, smiling and finding things that you love to do… and DOING THEM!

It's my goal to INSPIRE and help you achieve the life you dream of and deserve, while empowering you to accept the unique qualities that make you, YOU.

No matter what your situation is or where you are starting from, all it takes is one step: Deciding it’s time to START! Take the trip that you've dreamed of. Work toward feeling good about yourself both inside and out. Take steps to further your personal development and create a life full of positivity. It’s such a rewarding feeling to put wheels in motion and  FEEL changes taking place in your mind and body.

Danielle (Dani) Peterson is everything but. She is never one to settle, to think as if she’s learned enough, seen enough, done enough, or felt enough. She’s a woman on a mission to discover all of what there is, and let her traveling tales contribute to who she ultimately will be.

No stranger is strange to Dani, and her aptitude to instill warmth leaves an afterglow on every destination. A spontaneous “YES” woman on a mission to never settle and become complacent, Dani will adventure to the edge of the earth, tie a rope to it, and hop off, just to live to tell.

Meet Danielle Press

Contributing Writer

I am 28 years old and was born and raised in Miami, Florida, though I haven't lived there for quiet sometime.  For nearly four years I have lived in, traveled through, and loved Asia.  I lived in South Korea and Taiwan as an English teacher, and backpacked extensively through almost 10 countries with my amazing man, Jeff.  The past five years have been a magical, eye opening, and growing experience.  They have been filled with culture, food, nature, and adventure.  Like most things though, there were hardships.  


Almost three years ago, during a visit back home, I was hit by a boat propeller while swimming off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida.  The accident nearly took my life and my leg, but I managed to keep both.  However, my Sciatic Nerve was completely severed, leaving me paralyzed from the knee down on my left leg. Since then, I have become the first person in the world to receive a new nerve surgery, which utilized Schwann Cells to help create a graft, hoping to assist in bridging the nerve gap left by the propeller.  While I still remain paralyzed, there has been some improvement, small movements that my foot can now make.  While I will most likely never gain full use of my foot back, these small movements are stepping stones for future experiments and further research.  I hope that my surgery can one day help others with a similar prognosis, changing the perspective of paralysis from permanent to temporary.  


While I have grown up in the gym and have been working out for almost my entire life, it wasn’t until the accident that I started trusting exercise as more than a means of weight loss.  Exercise became my outlet, my goal, my mental and physical therapy, and a life line I could call on.  I was 14 days shy of turning 26 years old when the accident happened.  I couldn't let it ruin the rest of my life.  I had to travel again with Jeff.  I had to workout again with my mother and father.  I had to play with my younger sisters.  And I had to live.  


A month or so after the accident I started performing arm workouts in the hospital.  Extremely light weight movements, but they gave me a purpose.  I needed all of my strength in order to tackle the daunting task of getting on my feet again, of learning to walk again, and of learning to trust my body again.  I started writing actively after frustrations I had trying to find workouts for severely injured people.  There was little variation, and nothing seemed to push me as hard as I wanted to be pushed. I started modifying workouts, performing dips on my walker, single leg squats on my good leg, and eventually some single legged jumping jacks.  My workouts slowly evolved and before I knew it, I wasn’t modifying anything.  This experience set me on a path.  This path grew with the desire to help others in similar situations as my own and only grew more to want to help anyone who struggled with exercise, injured or not.  


Presently, I write to inspire, I write to help, and I write to motivate.  Exercise is more than the number on a scale.  Exercise brings peace to the mind, the body, and the soul.  I only hope that I can continue to grow in strength, knowledge, and perspective.  This is an amazing Earth and an amazing life.  We must take care of ourselves, so we can travel, live, and love for as long as possible.