Beet the Hangover

Beet the Hangover

For those who plan on getting ROWDY tonight, plan for some fuel in the morning to combat that gnarly headache.

Here’s how some of the veggies in your fridge can help :

Carrot, green apples and other green veggies: Help to cleanse digestive system, thus removing toxins.

Beetroot- Aids in cleansing the liver but also helps detoxify alcoholic toxicity.

Celery- A great source of calcium and magnesium, which can help prevent and relieve headaches.

Ginger- Great for nausea, motion sickness or stomach pain.

Lemons- Lemons contain 100% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C, which also supports the detoxification process by alleviating liver inflammation.

Beet It Recipe

1 medium beetroot

2 ribs celery

1 cucumber

1/2 lemon (including the peel)

1 inch of ginger root

Have fun tonight, and remember to drink your beet juice in the morning