Letting Excuses Rule

Letting Excuses Rule

“I work too much.”

“I’m exhausted.”

“I swear…I have no time.”

People have really mastered the art of making excuses for themselves. It’s more common than you think to trick your mind and body into premeditated defeat by letting excuses rule over your mind.

Maybe it’s the comfort of being in a routine (or lack thereof ) or the fear of change.
There can be excuses of all sorts, and when your excuses set the pace and take control of your life, you are setting yourself up to fail.

You alone have the power to decide and create what you want out of life. You make time for what you prioritize and make excuses for what you don’t.

Find your motivation
What is important to you? Why are you pursuing a healthier lifestyle? Considering you are reading this blog post, health and fitness is a part of your life, or you have goals to work toward a healthier version of YOU. Everyone has their reasons of what motivates them. It could be to manage stress, to get toned or to feel better all around. Either way, you need to focus on what motivates you and make this a priority. Light the fire, and don’t let your excuses blow it out!

Pencil In Your Priorities
Would you ever think about just not showing up to a meeting at work? You are expected to be there and have made it a priority. When you change your thinking to make health just as important as a work meeting, you will find the time to fit it into your life. Make a commitment and make sure you have it penciled in. By taking a look at what you have planned for the week, both for work and your personal life, you can make sure you don’t skip a beat. Stay proactive. If you know you will be in meetings late followed by a work dinner, make sure you get your workout in before you head into work for the day.

Little Lifestyle Changes Go a Long Way
If you are finding yourself rambling excuses all the time, maybe its time to reflect on your daily habits in order for YOU to begin to rule over your excuses, instead of the other way around. I hear this one all the time: “I worked all day and came home and was too exhausted to workout.” Well, it sounds like you need to make a lifestyle change. It really is THAT simple. Making small lifestyle changes can end up having a large impact on your life. Maybe it’s waking up one hour earlier in order to fit in a morning workout or turning off all electronics by 8:30 so you can start to unwind and try to be in bed earlier. Maybe instead of hitting the snooze button ten times you can get up on the first alarm. Don’t let your work, daily activites or exhaustion get in the way of a good workout. Look at the reasons of why you are failing now, and tweak your habits to make sure you set yourself up for success!

Just DO It!
Don’t think about it— just do it! Make it a goal to work on these small changes for 21 days straight. Get up on that first snooze alarm. Wake up an hour earlier. Reflect on your daily habits and what you can do in order to see the changes and results you want. Commit to 21 days and see how it makes you feel, both physically and emotionally.

1. Write down your motivation for a healthier lifestyle
2. Set goal(s) for yourself
3. Look at your week ahead for any roadblocks
4. Write down your workouts and pencil them in like you would a business meeting. Set yourself up with a visual schedule
5. Take a look at your lifestyle habits and make little tweaks to your daily routines in order to break bad habits or create good ones
6. Stay consistent. It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon but even harder to get back on. Don’t miss more than two workout days in a row
7. Commit for 21 days with your “No Excuses” plan

Fit According to You

Fit According to You

Who do you look up to? When you look up to a role model they should be a positive, strong, motivational leader setting an example.

With social media everywhere,  sites get bombarded with pictures of “the perfect body.” Are these pages, pictures or people you are following making you feel good about yourself or just making you envious of what they have and bad about what you are currently rocking’?

What a drag to have an Instagram news feed that just leaves you thinking, “She’s so perfect, I look nothing like that,” or  “I will never be that thin,” or “I wish I had her life.”

When I use my social media, I follow people that have positive, encouraging posts that are going to inspire me to be the best version of ME I can be. They aren’t just endless selfie pictures showing off their abs and how “perfect” they are.

I want to be encouraged on a daily basis to make me feel like I can conquer the world. I don’t want to live by someone else’s standards. I want to make strides for myself!

“I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me”

My two favorite people to follow on Instagram are Yoga Girl and Emily Skye Fit. They are transparent and genuine, showing real life—the hard times with the good. They send out a positive message about loving yourself, including your flaws.

Always remember that there is no “perfect.” Every person that walks this Earth is different, and that’s what makes being YOU so special.

My idea of what fit is could be very different than my neighbors. And that’s OK! How boring would it be if everyone walked around looking identical and doing the same things.

One time I got wrapped up in this Yoga idea about wanting to be really flexible and good at it,  because my friends were excelling at it, and it looked cool to do. It’s like this yoga craze was happening and I wanted to be a part of it.

But I realized that yoga wasn’t really what my passion was, and I was being sidetracked from what I really wanted to do, weight lifting, because of the wants and looks of other people.

“This girl is in great shape, and she does yoga… I must do yoga too,” was the trap that I fell into often. And what a wrong mentality that is. Find out what you are passionate about and go for it.

(Granted, I need yoga in my life for both the mental and physical benefits, especially with all of the weight training I do. I am working on incorporating more yoga and meditation into my weekly routine,  but I focus most of my energy on what I’m happiest doing——–>Sweating and lifting weights.)

Maybe you try yoga and yes, it is your thing. But swimming, cycling, hula hooping, weight training and pilates can be an option for you too. Follow your heart on doing what makes you feel good, not what the seemingly perfect girl in the magazine is doing. Try out different methods of exercise and learn what works for you and your body. Afterall, it is FIT ACCORDING TO YOU!

*Photo- This is a photo of my best friend Stef, who found her passion in yoga and hula hooping. She followed her heart doing what she’s passionate about, and has sculpted shoulders and a rock solid core to show for it!