The Posture Problem of the 21st Century

 The Posture Problem of the 21st Century

Technology brings information right to our fingertips, at any given point in time. Trivia night is no longer fun at the local bar, as any answer can be found out in less than 2 seconds with a smart phone.

As our heads drop deep into our phones and our thumbs move quickly typing out work emails or messages to friends. texting is adding extra unnecessary stress to our bodies.

The downsides, expressed by Experience Life Magazine, are something to consider, and to be more conscious about the next time you go to text back your friend.

Excessive texting can result in pain in the outer thumb and wrist. This is called “texting thumb” and it’s from the way we hold our phone which constricts our flexor tendon.

Another hand injury that can result is carpal tunnel and tendinitis from gripping the phone with fingers, called “text claw”. The repetitive daily clenching can cause added stress and ultimate lead to injury.

If you have an aching sore neck or back, it could be to your habitual head-down posture exerting extra pressure on your spine. According to Kenneth Hansraj, an orthopedic surgeon, as we tilt our head forward, it exerts up to 60 pounds of extra pressure at a 60 degree angle. The normal human head weighs about 10-12 pounds. That’s a lot of extra weight.

The first time that I noticed pain in my hand related to texting was after I spent two months in Costa Rica, smart phone FREE. It was when I got back to the States, the texts came flowing in and my thumb got right to work. In one day my thumb was in extreme pain from constant texting. That really opened my eyes to the added stress that is put on your hand from this habit.

I’ve now turned into an avid user of voice recognition texting and have also began to raise my phone to ear level when I read any texts or emails from my phone. I don’t care if it looks silly, I’d rather save stress from my body.