There is ALWAYS room to improve

There have been so many books, podcasts and advertisements on self love. Basically a whole new movement on self acceptance and body positivity.

THIS is what the world needs more of. Send all the good vibes my way and on to the rest of the world while your at it. YES!

HOWEVER, I want to talk about something very important.  Yes, I agree it's SO important to love yourself, love your body and BE HAPPY. But what I also believe in is CONSTANT self improvement, weather it be with your mindset, health goals, family goals etc.

It's amazing to love your body and be happy in your own skin, BUT IT'S ALSO OK TO HAVE GOALS AND WANT TO BE BETTER!

Some people miss the point---> loving oneself doesn't mean NOT working toward change. Does that make sense? REREAD AGAIN!

It doesn't mean saying, "yah I'M great. I can ride this movement" and just float on through life.

Let's not get complacent. Yes, its wonderful to be happy in your skin. But you know what's even better? The thirst to constantly better yourself, to self improve. The want for more! To love yourself but allow MORE room for change, growth and some serious goal crushing!