Music by: SKY CHIEF, Jeff Crease and Anthony Chesterman



Hey guys! This workout was created in the magical and inspiring town of Nine Mile, Jamaica.  This was the birth place of Bob Marley and the One Love sentiment still holds true and strong.  This workout is meant to similarly inspire, help build your strength and challenge your resolve. There are minimal breaks here.  Use the change between your push-ups and your leg workouts to rest the other body parts.  This is a great finisher to any workout and can be done with or without weights. 

This workout will be organized as a pyramid for each variation of pushup.  You will count down 10,9,8, etc. for each type of pushup.  Between each pushup set you will perform 20 reps of varying leg exercises.  The number of reps for the leg focused exercises will always remain at 20.  

 Pyramid Pushup Challenge

10 Tricep Pushups — Keep your arms and elbows close to torso.

20 Squats — Challenge yourself more with added weight 

9 Wide Arm Pushups

20 Sumo Squats- Make sure your toes are pointing outwards.

8 Diamond Pushups — With your hands in a diamond shape, place them directly beneath your chest.

20 Donkey Kicks (Right Side)

7 Standard Pushups

20 Donkey Kicks (Left Side)

6 Side to Side Pushups — Perform these as a 1-2 count, with each side counting as 1 rep.

20 Squat Jumps

5 Decline Pushups

20 Squats

4 Incline Pushups

20 Sump Squats

3 Pike Pushups — The closer your legs are to your body, the harder the pushup becomes.

20 Donkey Kicks (Right Side)

2 Pushups to Side Plank — You can count these as a 1-2 count, or 1- 1, performing 4 total for an extra challenge.

20 Donkey Kicks (Left Side)

1 Explosive Pushup — Use all your strength to push up explosively, clapping or just quickly hovering your hands above the ground.

20 Squat Jumps