Weight Training

Weight Training for Weight Loss

 Weight Training for Weight Loss

The two main reasons I hear why women avoid weight training are:

  1. I don’t want to bulk up!
  2. I’m comfortable on the treadmill- It’s what I know how to do!

It’s a new year, and it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and step into the world of weight training. Yes, cardio is an important factor for weight loss and there are many benefits for sweating it out on the treadmill or stationary bike, but don’t put your eggs all in one basket.

Get a little Salty in Tulum, Mexico!

Get a little Salty in Tulum, Mexico!

Wake up in the morning to a salty breeze touching your face  in a private beachside home. Start your day with sunrise yoga- your body moving to the sound of  waves crashing against the shore.  A healthy, delicious breakfast will be served by a local chef followed by a bike ride to the mysterious Mayan Ruins that sit on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Afterwards, you can opt for exploring the town’s culture, or hanging out with a book on the beach.

A combination of fitness, adventure and relaxation is what this all women’s beachside retreat will provide.

Salt Fitness Retreats was created by my dear friend Amanda Mason and I.  Our thirst for cultural exploration and healthy living has led us to this exciting day of offering YOU fitness retreats in exotic locations all over the world.

We believe that the foundation of all things in life stem from feeling your best from the inside out. At our retreats we focus on the foundation: nourishment (nutrition), fitness, adventure and passion in order to inspire healthier habits in all avenues of life. We are committed to helping you recognize both your physical strengths and your strengths of character in life.


Whats included:

  • 4 nights accomodation in private beachside home
  • transporation to and from cancun airport
  • private, local chef cooking three healthy and delicious daily meals
  • daily yoga and/or personalized oceanfront fitness classes
  • private on-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching session
  • bike tour to mayan ruins
  • half day tour to cenotes
  • stand up paddle board
  • free time to relax in a beach hammock or explore what tulum as to offer
  • sunset salsa dancing and live beachside music

Whats not included:

  • roundtrip airfare
  • one dinner in town center
  • spa service
  • alchoholic beverages

Come join us for an incredible journey of the mind, body and soul. It is our promise that you will leave our retreats re-inspired to live healthfully out of intent, choose to do things each day that make you feel alive, and, of course, to get a little salty.

Visit our website for more information or email us at saltfitnessretreats@gmail.com to register and reserve your spot!

Beach Work Out – Shoulders and Back

Beach Work Out – Shoulders and Back

Just because you are on vaca doesn’t mean the workouts have to stop. When I travel I like to bring resistance bands along because they are light, pack easy, and you can utilize them for every body part.

I was able to  get a great back and shoulder workout while on vacation in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I love working out on the beach. There is so much good, happy energy when the sun is shining and you hear the waves crashing . For me, there is no better gym than this!

Warmup: 10 minute run on the beach

For the Following do 4 sets of 12-15 reps- Listen to your body and adjust the reps accordingly

  1. Overhead Press- Stand with both your feet on top of the yellow tubing. Extend your arms 90 degrees to your shoulders and press up.
  2. Figure 8 Lat Pulldown- Start with your arms extended above your head and pull your arms down behind your head in line with your shoulders, squeezing your lats as you pull down
  3. Alternate Shoulder Raise- Secure the tubing so you have enough tension. Start with your arm down by your side and raise to be in line with your shoulder.
  4. Seated Row-  While sitting down, extend your legs straight out in front of you. Wrap the tubing around your feet to get the tension that you need and wrap the handles around your hands. While keeping your back straight and upright, extend your arms straight toward your toes and pull in keeping your hands close to your sides.

Go Ahead and get at it. Treat yourself after to a nice swim in the ocean!