Put Some South in Your Mouth

Put Some South in Your Mouth

As you know I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes and great, local restaurants to eat at. You also know that I believe in a balanced life, which means when I’m traveling in Asheville, North Carolina, I’m going to find the best southern breakfast place in town, without thinking about extra calories consumed.

And putting some “South in my mouth” is just what I did at the well known breakfast,  lunch “and everything in between” joint, Biscuit Heads.

If a line out the door doesn’t have you convinced of the awesome-ness of this southern food, the golden brown buttery biscuits will.

Don’t be discouraged by seeing this line. Everything moves pretty fast, and tables become available as soon as you get your number.

I went for the entree of the day: Biscuit with cheddar, scrambled eggs (I opted for over-medium), maple jalapeno bacon, smothered in a traditional black pepper gravy and topped with crispy onions.

My fiance opted for biscuits with the gravy of the day: roasted tomato, smoked goat cheese and basil with a fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Needless to say, the meal was devoured in a time that was almost embarrassing, but helped with the flow of getting that long line seated quicker (which seems to be an unspoken knowingness of eating your meal and being conscious of the people in line, which I thought was pretty neat.)

Biscuit Heads has two locations in Asheville, and provides an extensive menu of homemade gravies and biscuits, all while supporting local farms and vendors using the “farm to table” restaurant concept.

I highly recommend checking out one of their locations, 733 Haywood Road or 417 Biltmore Avenue, for some serious home-cookin goodness.