grand canyon

Grand Canyon Getaway


There’s a distinct charm of visiting the grand canyon during the winter time.

People walk around bundled up as if you are in a ski town, but instead of lugging around skis and snowboards, tourists have walking sticks and a camera slung around the neck.

We chose lodging at the Bright Angel Lodge, mainly because it is one of six lodges that offer accommodations right at the rim of the Grand Canyon. The lodge is located on the South Rim, which is open year round, and is also the most visited location at the Grand Canyon National Park. You can pick up the hiking trail right outside the lodge that goes for 22 miles.

Bright Angel Lodge has natural rustic character, and our private cabin was steps away from the South Rim,  with breathtaking panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. The main lodge is a cozy log building, with Navajo designed doors painted in yellow, red, turquoise and powder blue. There is a beautiful stone fireplace in the “lobby” with an 8 foot thunderbird hung above with feathers that hang down from it’s mighty wings.

The lodge also features a gift shop, two restaurants, a lounge and an ice cream fountain.

Good to know: Entrance fee’s to Grand Canyon National Park is $25 per vehicle, and the park entrance pass is good for 7 days.

Recommendations: Go to the Grand Canyon in the winter. It’s a lot colder, yes, but there are a lot less people to deal with compared to summer crowds. Just be sure to bundle up!


Day trip from Grand Canyon:

From the Grand Canyon we took a day trip to Page, leaving early in the morning to make it to an 11 a.m. tour of Antelope Canyon, and returning back to the Grand Canyon after sunset. I HIGHLY recommend doing the activities of Page in a day, which CAN be done, as there is not much in Page besides the three main highlights: Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon River Tour, and Horseshoe Bend.